Our Services

Certified Green Technologies provides every client superior core services in contract and direct hire, as well as the ability to customize services to reflect individual needs. Choose from our customized service options to meet your staffing requirements and reflect your corporate culture.

Certifiedís Core Service

     Direct-Hire Recruiting
  • Recruiters with specialized alternative energy experience are dedicated to your placement search
  • Resumes are pre-screened according to client specifications
  • Candidates sent are pre-screened
  • 30-Day guarantee
     Contract Placement
  • Response to staffing request within 4 hours, or a status update regarding applicant pool
  • References are thoroughly checked
  • Safety orientation
  • Arrival confirmed
  • 8-hour performance guarantee
  • Online timecard with a link to manager for approval
  • Periodic performance checks for long-term assignments
  • Performance coaching when requested by client
  • Weekly timecard verification with supervisor signature
  • Client web access to: weekly invoices, summarized for multiple temps as requested
  • Annual temp usage reports if requested

Certified provides us with excellent service options that fit our specific needs.

Certifiedís Extended Service

Certified's extended services are designed to meet your corporate needs. Listed below are just some of the customized features we can provide:

  • Specialized testing (non-MS Office software, additional written tests, such as aptitude tests)
  • Customized reporting
  • Written job evaluations and feedback
  • Enhanced employee benefit and incentive plans
  • Customized billing and invoicing
  • Extended performance guarantee
  • 24 hour ordering/access to Certified
  • On-site supervisor
  • Primary vendor service
  • Background checks and drug screens
  • Timecard pick up
  • Paycheck delivery
  • Additional employee benefits

If you have service needs that are not listed above, just talk with us! We have the flexibility to work with our clients to structure a partnership that works for you.